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Lakes and ponds are our business, not a side project between other jobs. Every body of water and property is unique and will require a different approach. We will evaluate your situation and work with you to understand your expectations and create a plan that meets those goals. We offer a wide variety of services, some of which are listed below. If you have a need but do not see the category listed below, please contact us as we may provide that service but just do not have it listed.

    Services offered:
  • Aeration - Custom design, kits, installation and service
  • Aquatic Plant Control
  • Bathymetry services - Mapping of the bottom contours of your pond
    • Color printed topographical maps of the pond bottom
    • Digital copies to share with groups
    • KMZ files that can be overlaid into Google Earth for viewing in greater detail
    • Bottom composition detail to determine soft bottom deposits
  • Consultations
    • Quick general assessments to identify problems and provide solution options (typically free of charge)
    • In depth assessments including water chemistry
    • Pond mapping using our bathymetric technology
    • Written reports
    • Oral presentations to groups
  • Dredging
    • Restores depth
    • Removes roots of aquatic plants slowing growth
    • Reduces littoral zone which decreases rooted plant growth
    • Instant gratification
  • Fishery Management
    • Fish health evaluation
    • Habitat design and placement utilizing our bathymetric services
    • Stocking
    • Rotenone applications to clear unwanted species
  • Harvesting Plant Material
    • Immediate plant control
    • Can be targeted to leave some plants for habitat
    • Works in areas that chemicals will not
    • Rotenone applications to clear unwanted species
  • Products
    • We only promote products that we use and find successful
    • Our products come with continued advice that can include site visits
    • Aeration kits and componenets
    • Bacteria and enzyme products
    • Pond Dyes
    • Fish Habitats
    • Fountains
  • Removal of aquatic plants (pond weeds)
    • Harvesting of aquatic plants with mechanical methods
    • Dredging to remove roots and nutrients
  • Pond Repairs
  • New construction
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Memberships include:

North American Lake Mangment Society

Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation

Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society