Efficient Pond Management - Pond Assessments

Pond Consultations and Reports

No good decision can be made until data is collected and facts are known and the same applies to any lake or pond problem. Information on what is currently happening will guide us in making good decisions on how to address any problems and how to manage that water for continued success. Anecdotal observations are often misleading or confusing due to lapses in memory or unseen factors affecting the observable results. Hard data collected and recorded objectively is the best tool for making sound choices.

    By collecting data we can achieve the following:
  • Determine current quality of the water
  • Identify any and all current problems
  • Track changes in the water quailty over time
  • Early detection of new invasive plant species to prevent its spreading
  • Determine the quailty of the water for sustaining a good fishery
We can typically provide the following information on the average pond of 2 acres or less for just a few hundred dollars. The information is then provided to you in a report for you to keep on file and use in your management practices. Maps are provided in both PDF and KMZ formats. The KMZ file is viewed in Google Earth, a free downloadable map program. This digital map allows you to see greater detail by zooming in and locate GPS points for various needs.

We provide support to answer any questions you may have on the information we provided and make recommendations as to how to proceed. You are then free to use this information to proceed how you see fit and with whom you choose to provide that product or service. Should you choose for us to provide any additional service or product we will gladly supply a cost estimate for your approval.

Water Quality Data:
  • Water quality parameters such as pH, alkalinity and hardness
  • Nutrient levels such as nitrate, nitrite, phosporous
  • Fishery data such as oxygen levels and water temperature
  • Biomass information such as secchi disc readings and plant identification
  • Bathymetric mapping: depth mapping, total water volume and total surface acres

  • Stream Specific:
  • Volume of water entering
  • Quality of water entering: nutrient load, sediment carried in the water, ...