Lake and Pond Bottom Contour Mapping (Bathymetry) - Sample maps below

We have the ability to create detailed maps of any body of water that reveals the depths and bottom contours. The technology used to create these maps is a combination of sonar readings combined with GPS location. This is the same technology used by many government agencies and engineering firms. The difference is that we can offer the service at a fraction of the cost. The maps created are formatted in both printable versions and digital files that can be opened in programs like Google Earth. The map image layers into the satellite image so you can see it in context with the surrounding shore and landmarks. Using the software, you can even find GPS coordinates of locations of interest for dredging, aeration, fishing or any other reason.

    Uses for bottom contour maps:
  • Monitoring the depth of the pond over time to track and sedimentation
  • Designing aeration systems to properly fit the pond
  • Identifying problem areas of that body of water
  • Designing dredging projects for maximal cost effectiveness
  • Determining water volume for chemical applications
  • Confirming that dredging was completed correctly
  • Deciding the best place to sink fish habitats

This is a specialty service that we are willing to travel to supply. While we are based in eastern Iowa, we consider the following area to be home base: Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
Below is a couple versions of a map of Pride Lake created in 2012. This little lake located in Scott County Park was dredged in 2005. As you can see, it was dredged uniformly to a consistent depth through most of the lake with a good side slope to transition quickly from the shallows to the maximum depth. We were not involved with this dredging project but if the entire area was taken to 9 feet, the southwest corner is appears to be filling in with sediment. This is where a silt pond above drains into the lake and water from the nearby town rushes into the lake during rain events. This may be the design of the pond, but is an area to monitor with repeat mappings to head off any problems before they become costly.

A PDF of Pride Lake
A KMZ file that can be loaded into GOOGLE EARTH