We create affordable pond management programs based on personal site visits consisting of a complete pond and watershed evaluation. The data collected from your pond along with discussions we have with you to determine your goals are then combined to create the final management plan.

Excessive pond algae and pondweed growth is a common problem facing many pond owners. We use a variety of techniques and methods to improve pond quality. There are no magic bullets so using multiple techniques is usually the best way to achieve a more balanced and healthy pond. These techniques include but are not limited to: aeration (bottom based), using natural pond bacteria, chemical applications, and wetland restoration among others.

Here is an EPA guide on using techniques envolving pond bacteria.

Case Study - Aeration and Pond Bacteria

Case Study - Pond Bacteria Sludge Pellets

Don't assume that your water is to big or too small for us to handle.
We have the equipment to fit your situation. The pond hopper boat works on any size water and can be launched from anywhere. We also have bigger boats for bugger jobs.
Pond Jumper Work Boat

We are very flexible on how the pond owner ultimately wants to continue while working with us. We offer a fully managed pond program where we do all the work to improve the pond while reducing the problems. Another option is a guided management approach where we supply the advice and materials to get the job done with follow up with site visits and management adjustments if needed. The pond owner is more involved in the process which reduces the total cost to manage.

We have just added fishing maps to our service offerings. Custom made maps on public fishing lakes and ponds that are packaged as printable and digital maps with some packages also including locations of spots that hold fish. Visit the fishing maps for more information.

Past and present customers include:
  • The University of Iowa
  • The City of Princeton, IL
  • The City of Moline, IL
  • Wheatland Park Townhouse Homeowner's Association
  • Oak RidgeLlake Estates
  • Lake Canyada Mobile home Community
  • Bluff Lake Restaurant
  • Briarstone Lake Association
  • Numerous private pond and water garden owners

The Efficient Pond Management Handbook