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Uncontrolled plant growth within a pond is a common problem in the Midwest. Our fertile soil combined with the optimal conditions found in a body of water leads to plant growth that can become massive if left unchecked. Harvesting plant material from a body of water not only immediately improves the condition of the water, but it also removes a massive amount of nutrients which are trapped in the plants themselves. The short plants remaining provide valuable habitat for the fish, continue to produce oxygen for the ecosystem and continue to absorb nutrients which buffers against an algae bloom. Killing the same plants with chemicals drops the plants to the bottom where the nutrients contained in those plants adds to the muck layer and feeds the next generations growth which starts immediately during that growing season. The decaying plants can also lead to fish kills as they decompose and algae blooms as the nutrients are released back into the water. Harvesting is faster and safer for the pond owner and users.


No body of water is too small for harvesting. The harvester image above demonstrates one method we employ to harvest aquatic plant material. The method chosen for your body of water will be tailored to your situation.

Our equipment can reach down to 5 feet deep and adjusted to harvest in shallow areas around beaches and docks as well. In a matter of a day or two in most cases the weeds are gone and the pond can be used again. Chemicals take time to work; the water cannot be used in some cases during and after applications and the decaying vegetation leaves the pond a swampy mess. We simply load the harvested material onto a truck and haul it away leaving the water clean and clear.

Unloading harvested plant material

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