Efficient Pond Management - Dredging

Dredging Services

As soon as a pond is built Mother Nature starts to fill it back in with sediment and muck. Over the years sediment from surrounding areas slowly deposits into a body of water ultimately turning them into swamps or bogs. Nutrients are brought with this sediment making your pond more nutrient and increasing aquatic plant growth.

Dredging returns depth to your pond and removes a large amount of nutrients contained in the muck on the pond bottom. This technique has an immediate effect much like laying sod or painting a room in your house. After we have completed this service, you will have a restored pond for you to enjoy for many years with proper maintenance and prevention measures to stop this from happening again. We can get this job done for you and set up the pond so you will not need this service again for the foreseeable future.

We can dredge mechanically or hydraulically to remove your sediment and muck from your pond or lake. our Aquamog is a unique piece of equipment that can reach places and do things no other dredge can. It is a floating platform with a clamshell digger that can be used in very shallow or deep areas. We can be very precise and the footprint left behind is relatively small compared to the alternatives. The proper method will be chosen to fit your pond and your needs.

All Things Water - Dredging

All Things Water

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North American Lake Mangment Society

Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation

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