About Efficient Pond Management

Efficient Pond Management is your local source of information and services to manage your pond to improve the condition. Free advice over the phone or through the internet from remote locations is limited since they don't know the local situation and have never laid eyes on your pond. We stand on your shore and float our boat in your water to take measurements of water quality. We talk to you about the history of the pond and what you have seen happening for as long as you have owned the pond. With this measureable data and a working history, we work with you to create a management plan that improves the pond and keeps it healthy and balanced so you can enjoy the pond instead of constantly working on it.

    Past and present customers include:
  • The University of Iowa
  • John Deere Corporation
  • Niabi Zoo
  • City of Princeton, IL
  • Central College Pella, Iowa
  • City of Moline, IL
  • Bluff Lake Restaurant
  • Numerous home owners associations and private pond owners

  • Our philosophy is to find and correct on the root cause of the problems instead of only using herbicides to cover the symptoms of that root cause. Herbicides are a useful tool but are not the only tool and often not the correct tool for the situation. We have found over the years, that using more natural based management practices are the best for long term improvements.

      Memberships (past and present):
    • Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Foundation
    • Aquatic Plant Management Society
    • Illinois Lake Management Association
    • Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance
    • Iowa Water Environment Association
    • Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Society
    • North American Plant Management Society
      Certifications held:
    • Iowa Rainscaper Certification: Native Landscaping / Native Turf
    • Iowa Certified Inspection and Maintenance Program for Stormwater Practices

    Please feel free to contact us at: